Assumption Parish Public Schools Make Gains on Annual State Report Card

Press Release Nov. 8th, 2018


School System Earns ‘A’ Letter Grade for Helping Students Grow


Napoleonville, La. -- Assumption Parish Public Schools received its annual report card today from the Louisiana Department of Education, which showed marked academic gains in the 2017-2018 school year. The school system achieved an “A” letter grade for helping students grow year-to-year.  This marks the 8th consecutive year of growth for the school system.

“I am so proud to continue a tradition of success in Assumption Parish,” said Superintendent Jeremy Couvillion.  “It takes everyone working together toward one goal to sustain this kind of success.  I am so proud of our students and teachers, school leadership, and our support staff.”  Couvillion also emphasized the importance of parental and community involvement, “Every person in this community is part of this victory.  I think we have to give credit to our parents, families, and especially to Mr. Tibby Martinez and our School Board for their leadership.”

In addition to an “A” letter grade in its progress, the school system is also celebrating 4 schools that are receiving a special award for growth.  Bayou L’Ourse Primary, Labadieville Primary, Napoleonville Middle, and Pierre Part all have been honored as “Top Gains” Schools by the Louisiana Department of Education for showing exemplary growth in the 2017-2018 school year.

Every year, schools and school systems in Louisiana receive report cards with school performance scores and corresponding A-F letter grades. The report cards communicate how well schools are preparing students for the next grade level by examining student performance measures, like how students score on state assessments, how many students are graduating each year or how many students are earning early college credit. Over time, the state has raised the bar for each of these measurements, and for the first time this year, the report card also details how well schools are helping students, regardless of where they start at the beginning of the year, progress toward mastering key concepts and skills.

 Among the highlights from this year’s report card:

●      The school system achieved an “A” for student growth. Nearly all schools in the school system outpaced the state average for academic growth.  Six district schools received an “A” letter grade for progress.

●      Assumption High School showed growth in several performance areas.  Both the graduation rate index scores and strength of diploma scores increased significantly.

●      60% of Assumpiton schools achieved an “A” or a “B” overall letter grade.  The schools include Assumption High School, Bayou L’Ourse Primary, Labadieville Primary, Napoleonville Middle, and Pierre Part.

The school system maintained a “B” letter grade for overall school performance, even as the state raised the bar for what it takes to earn that grade.  “The state has changed the scale this year and increased its expectations, and our teachers and students rose to the challenge,” said the superintendent. 

“We are always on a quest for continuous improvement,” Couvillion said, noting that two of the district schools’ overall letter grades declined. “Our team is working relentlessly to make sure all of the students of Assumption Parish will be successful.  We still have a lot of work to do.”